Scrub Up Daily Detox (125ml)

Scrub Up Daily Detox (125ml)

Daily Facial scrub used to detox the skin by gently exfoliating away impurities and prevent blackheads as well as ingrown hairs 

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Clogged pores/blackheads

Ahh yes it's Friday night and the bar you have walked into has lighting fit for Wembley and you think - can they see my clogged nose?  Never fear its a common problem and can only be fixed with daily cleansing or some serious makeup concealer but we at Rehab think prevention is better than wearing makeup!  Top tip splash a little warm water on your face pre wash and then rub our super Scrub Up Daily Detox into your face paying particular attention to nose/forehead.  Here's the science men's skin products 20% more oil than women so your daily face wash needs to have a grain in it to ensure complete cleansing - our grains are sand and bamboo balanced our with a little pumpkin seed oil which stops that tight stretched skin, post washed feeling.

If you have a little time on your hands you can put a hot towel on your face pre scrub  (ie run face towel under hot tap or wet towel and put in microwave to heat) and leave on your face for ten minutes, then scrub away for a perfect complexion.

Now we at Rehab like to promise great products - not miracles - so if your nose when pressured looks like its producing snakes - its time to call the professionals, its time for a facial!

Fear not we at Rehab HQ can happily recommend a spa/barbers that deals with these pesky snakes in a pro football man environment!  Email the team a region in the UK (or Hamburg?) and we will send you a list of man spas!  Post your facial if you then use your scrub daily worries about unsightly pores will be so last year. 

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