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Scrub Up Daily Detox (125ml)


Detoxing your skin doesn’t have to involve some month long, monk-like existence, now that Rehab London’s scrub up daily detox has been invented.

We know that men have bigger pores, so to prevent blackheads and ingrown hairs you need a scrub that gets to the heart of the matter.

Using the natural, volcanic sands of Tahiti and bamboo spiny medulla granules to gently exfoliate impurities, and a special enzyme produces from Pumpkin fruit to help gently clear the skin of dead skin cells, Scrub Daily detox will leave your skin looking like it’s spent a month being buffed and polished without the six-figure spa fee!

Dual Action: Serves as a daily foaming gel and weekly scrub for daily use.  Removes daily oil + breaks down and prevents clogged pores


The Science: 

  • Tegosoft: A naturally derived material from coconut oil and sugar that has exceptional skin softening properties and leaves the skin with a velvety feel


  • Volcanic Sand of Tahiti: Black Sand of volcanic origin gathered in Tahiti, which helps removes dead skin cell when used for exfoliation


  • Pumpkin Enzyme: A gentler method of skin peeling is by the use of enzymes.  It mainly helps to promote decay of protein impurities, dissolution of dead skin cells and acceleration of cell renewal. This type of skin exfoliation works best when used daily and is suitable for all skin types with little risk of irritation


  • Bamboo Spiny Medulla Granules: helps removes dead skin cell when used for exfoliation.


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