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Calm Balm (50ml)


Let Rehab London wage the war on red, blotchy skin while you maintain a cool as a cucumber exterior with Calm Balm. If shaving has left your skin red raw, irritated and sore, then this is the product for you.

Containing the healing and rejuvenating properties of Hawaiian water algae, it soothes skin, leaving it smooth and invigorated. We have also included two crafty ingredients that really make this balm stand out from the crowd; rockweed extract, which detoxifies and tones leaving you calm and free of inflammation and redness; and lipomoist, which cleverly releases moisture slowly throughout the day. 

Dual Action: for use Post Shave + Post Weather Exposure


The Science:

  • Cocoa Butter: This moisturizing agent contains Vitamin E and also serves as a natural antioxidant, minimizing damage to the skin


  • Myritol: An emollient that helps spread actives evenly and gives skin a unique velvety feel


  • Lipomoist: Is a molecular film that provides a high moisturising action and confers a pleasant and fresh feeling to the skin


  • AC ALG-Moist EAU: it will deliver perceivable skin tightening as well as substantial hydration. These effects leave the skin feeling smooth and supple


  • Escalol: This organic ingredient is the most widely used in sunscreen in the world. It protects from the UV-B rays and helps to protect the skin from damage


  • Witch Hazel: One of Nature best astringents that has found several uses in herbal medicine and known for its skin soothing properties


  • Rockweed Aqueous Extract: provides a significant decrease in skin thickness and a significant improvement in skin elasticity
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