The Ultimate Man Cave

21 Jul 2016

Would it be a room in your home, your childhood fantasy treehouse (with all the mod cons of course) or something completely separate?
Are you the type that wants a bar and vintage pinball machines or a quiet place to read and contemplate? 
We asked a few of our friends and the results were surprisingly varied. 
Dave said, "It depends on the man and what he likes. My man cave is a 1950s diner with booths, and a bar and 1950s memorabilia, guitars etc because I'm very into classic American cars and music. Someone else's might be sports or movies" .


Rick was more for the study - "Big nice desk. Tonnes of books and a whiskey cabinet. And a huge rug. Maybe a collection of old swords and artefacts and a selection of my best photos I've taken with a huge Rembrandt painting behind my chair. And a record player. This would be my perfect study / man cave”.


Kerry described her husband’s man cave wish list - "I definitely think a beer fridge or proper tapped keg would be better, maybe some pinball machines, multiple TVs all on different sports channels and maybe the Playstation, with blistering fast internet!"


Tina said - "I would be a great addition to any man cave”.  


"A real F1 car in front of an IMAX projector screen + the cast of The Footy Show broadcasting from my man cave" was on Michael's list. 


Leah's dream would be to have - "A pool table, Xbox, TV for sports and lots of cold beer”. 


Stan wanted a "Gaming chair, with surround sound and five I can play games and watching multiple sporting events at the same time!" 


"An old school arcade parlour with all the classics like Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man" was on Chad's Ultimate Man Cave list. 


We'd love to know what would be in your Ultimate Man Cave. Join in the conversation with us on Facebook We can't wait to hear what you come up with. 

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