Slicker Than Your Average

02 May 2014

It’s often said that men are fine to use the same skincare as women. WRONG! Men’s skin is tougher and thicker than women’s, often resulting in larger pores and over-active sebaceous glands. So simplistically, men will generally have oilier skin than women. We have noticed here at Rehab London HQ, that men are becoming more and more concerned with their appearance and in particular, concerned with how they appear during business hours with the popularity of ‘the conference call’ becoming a regular working day experience. They are anxious about the shininess of their skin on a webcam or camera and are searching for a way to reduce that unkind, and sometimes offensive, reflection on their foreheads. So here is some advice to avoid that midday oil slick, brought to you by the concerned Rehab London Team.


The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ stands some ground in this debacle. An important rule to uphold and that we hear often, is to cut back on processed foods. Processed foods contain high levels of synthetic food additives, preservatives and colours, which if consumed at high doses can be toxic for your body and hard for your liver to cope with. The job of the liver is to essentially process and detoxify anything bad that is put into your body. Sometimes when it is ‘overloaded’, the evidence can show up on you skin in the form of excess oil excretion or even acne.


Another huge contributing factor to men’s oily skin is testosterone. This hormone is responsible for stimulating the size and activity of a pore, triggering a large amount of sebum to be produced if it is flowing through your body at high levels. This in turn generates very oily skin. Generally the shine shows up first on the forehead, nose and cheeks. This is known as the t-zone, the problem area for conference call shine!


Now the solutions.

Some essential nutrients that can be added to you diet for optimal skin health are:

  • Vitamin A, which ensures skin cell regeneration is healthy and boosts natural immune qualities for ultimate skin health. It can be found in oily fish, eggs, yoghurt and orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.
  • Saw Palmetto, which helps men to maintain normal testosterone levels. It is extracted from a berry and can be taken as a capsule.

Cacophonies of anti-shine products have recently come forward into the market and are being pushed towards men. They are produced to eliminate shine on the face and usually contain special oil absorbing ingredients and particles. Products like these however, are only good for the skin if they still act to hydrate. It is essential to keep moisturising the skin, even if it is oily, otherwise it will become overactive and produce more to try and compensate! Here at Rehab London, we have been busy in our lab creating a new anti-shine product for men and we are excited to announce that it will be the first one on the market that is ALL natural and silicone free! Keep your eyes peeled for this one all you shiny heads, it’s bound to make conference call confidence that little bit easier.


Kristen Parker | Rehab London Team

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