Perfect Travel Complexion

03 Aug 2016

I’m sitting on a plane right now. Heading to Darwin from Brisbane, looking forward to the humidity and heat…looking forward to skin that won’t feel tight and dry.

I’ve only been in the aircraft for two hours but already I can feel the moisture being sucked out of each and every pore. And I swear that I haven’t had a blemish for six months and now I can feel something less that desirable on my cheek. While it could be argued that I should be drinking more water, the reality is that I’ve already had more than a litre, and given I’m on the window seat I am loath to bother the woman sitting next to me so I can go to the toilet AGAIN!

Interestingly, I heard recently that QANTAS aircrew, including pilots and those working in the cabin, can claim a tax deduction for the cost of rehydrating moisturisers used to combat the abnormal drying of skin when working in a pressurised environment, where it is critical that staff maintain a well-groomed and well-presented image. I figure if the Australian Taxation Office say moisturiser is needed when travelling, it must be true J

Air travel is essential for many of us, however, it is imperative we look after ourselves from the inside out while travelling so that we can be in peak condition upon arrival.

  • Following several decades of air travel – yes I am getting on but with that comes some wisdom that I am in a position to share – here are my top five in-flight travel tips.
  • Drink plenty of water – sip it, don’t skull it. Dehydration can be a killer, literally. By drinking small sips, you rehydrate and retain appropriate amounts of fluid.
  • Avoid alcohol. I always love a glass or two on a long haul flight, but that’s all. Over-indulging will worsen jet lag and won’t see you performing as well when you reach your destination.
  • Move! You must keep the blood circulating. Get up once an hour, even if in your seat. Pump your feet, circle your ankles, lift your knees. The person next to you may think you’re a little odd, but it’s all in good health.
  • Eat healthy. While it may be tempting to eat the chips and chocolate ice creams on offer as well as the heavy carb meals, consider eating the lighter options if available and snack on nuts or fruit.

Most importantly, moisturise. I always take a face moisturiser on board as well as a separate hand moisturiser. For men, I highly recommend applying Rehab London’s Morning Glory or Shine Free, depending on your skin type, every two hours and encourage the use throughout the flight.

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