No More Scary Shaving

28 Apr 2014


So you’re a guy and you need to shave.  

Here are the ins and outs of the shave game 

brought to you by the concerned  gang at Rehab London. 

We are concerned for your skin!


Men’s skin needs special care because it is ‘tortured’ to say the least, by the act oshaving. Shaving can remove up to two layers of skin, so it is vital to prep the skin and treat the skin properly afterwards. Some men think that it’s fine just to use their girlfriend or sister’s skincare products. Nah uh! Men’s skin is much different to women’s skin.

Men have larger sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which is why they have more facial hair. They also have much thicker skin than woman, so they require different formulations of potions and lotions in order for it to penetrate the epidermis.                                                       

An important step in the shaving regime is to prep your skin properly to prevent scary things from happening, like ingrown hairs and irritation. What exactly is an ingrown hair (or razor bump)? It is a hair that has not fully emerged from a follicle and remains embedded in the skin. So basically the hair has sta

rted to grow out of your skin, but for some reason has curled around and grown back in! The cause of this is mainly from different types of hair removal procedures, like shaving. If you shave against the growth of the hair (against the grain) you run the high risk of cutting the hair off below skin level, which in turn will embed the hair causing it to grow back underneath dead skin cells.                                                                   


To prepare the skin for shaving it is best to have a warm shower, as the skin is moistand soft due to the steam. Warm water is also great for softening the beard. It is best toscrub your skin beforehand; as it is key to banishing those dead skin cells and makingingrown hairs and blackheads less likely to occur. Our Scrub Up Daily Detox is best forthis, as it contains gentle scrub particles like volcanic sands and bamboo spiny medullagranules and it has the added benefit of fruit acid from a pumpkin to buff and prepareyour skin like no one’s business!



It is important to lubricate the skin with a good quality shaving cream like our Cold Turkey Shaving Gel to create less friction between the blade and the skin. Shave cream also raises the hair on the beard for a much closer shave. Apply cream in an upward motion to stand beard up away from the face. Then, you must shave in the same direction of the hair growth. Don’t press too hard and let the razor do the work. Rinse the blade often, preferably after every stroke, to avoid build up of product and hair in the razor. Cold Turkey provides the skin with an instant cooling and soothing sensation, so the treatment step is already in full swing by the time you rinse your skin and pat dry with a towel! Hand





As mentioned before, shaving can remove up to two layers of skin from the face, so the most important step in order to complete the perfect shaving regimen is aftercare. To complete the soothing process an aftershave balm with calming ingredients is great. Our Calm Balm contains Hawaiian water algae to cool and soothe the skin. However, it is also essential that you guys replace the lost moisture that you have scraped away from your face so a moisturiser on top of the aftershave balm is vital. For normal/dry skin, Morning Glory is best and for oily skin, No Shine is ideal. You will be left with smooth skin that has been treated properly after the scary task of shaving. Another step to natural skincare rehabilitation!

Kristen Parker | Rehab London Team


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