How To Brighten Your Skin for a Night Out

29 Jun 2016


I'm sure there's nothing you'd rather do than kick off your shoes, order in and chill in front of the box (X Box perhaps?)

But Nooooo, you HAVE to go out to some sort of work or family function (why haven't we created clones for this purpose?..) Note to self:

put that on my to do list. 

Let's face it, you're looking and feeling a little worse for wear. Your skin is feeling a bit sluggish and lacklustre, which doesn't help your mood 

or motivation at all.

Luckily, those things are easily fixed... and here's a few little tips and tricks to help get you, your skin (and your mood) bright and feeling rejunvenated. 


Set The Mood With Music 

Nothing gets a good mood going faster than your favourite tunes. Turn it up (I'm sure the neighbours won't mind, after all, you are a Rock Star...?)

Pick Out Your Clothes

Lay your complete outfit on your bed before your shower.... get creative, make a flat lay (maybe a few minutes for your perfect Instagram shot) And then you can tell yourself that your stylist did it for you    #rockstar

Time To Shave

You know what to do. This is where your +Rehab London Argan Oil Shave Gel steps in. Did you know you can now get all of the +Rehab London products from Target? No?... Well you do now.

If you stuggle with ingrown hairs and skin senstivity first get a face cloth, run it under hot water, air the towel and lay on your face until it cools down. This will open pores and prevent further senstivity when shaving, particularly if it's your second shave of the day!

Buff and Polish

While the skin is still warm add a small amount of warm water and then cleanse with +Rehab London Scrub Up Daily Detox.  This scrub contains crushed bamboo instead of drying salts often used in scrubs and of course we would NEVER use microbeads due to their environmental impact. This crushed bamboo breaks down and removes clogged pores and ingrown hairs.  Rinse with warm water then apply your clear easy to use +Rehab London Argan Oil Shave Gel.

We formulated Argan Oil Shave Gel as a clear consistency so you can avoid any lumps and bumps (so you don't cut yourself) and shape those rock star sideburns or beard edges in one swift shave. No second dry shaving to finish = zero sensitivity.  Rinse with cool water as something pretty amazing is about to happen - your entire shaved area will suddenly feel cool and calm as Argan Oil Shave Gel has been formulated with a pore closing, cooling agent = zero redness or inflammation! 

Refresh Your Skin and Get That Glow 

Now finish with the ultimate revival cream.  There is nothing like this on the Australian market and it is +Rehab London Revive Survive the 10 minute revival cream. An Anti-Fatigue Cream, filled with the healing properties of Ginseng, Hawaiian Water Algae and Hydrergy (the big guns) which is a caffeine based ingredient that gives that 10 minute makeover that looks like 8 hours sleep!

Now Go Get Em!

You've got the glow, you've got the outfit. Now all you have to worry about is the paparazzi!

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